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10 Questions for Youth Pastors

Some good reflection questions for people in Youth ministry:

  1. what am I doing that is distracting students from Jesus instead of pointing them towards him?
  2. am I setting up students to carry their faith beyond high school?
  3. how can I allocate my budget to better reflect my mission?
  4. is my faith evident outside of lessons and programs?
  5. in what ways am I perpetuating a weak/lame version of christianity and church life?
  6. am I really called to this?
  7. am I running to God to get filled up or to something else?
  8. do I have too much planned?
  9. do I have too little planned?
  10. am I talking ABOUT God more than I’m taking WITH God?
(Note: Josh got this from Brad Cooper who got this from Adam Lehman.)

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