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Weekend Update

  • This won't be nearly as entertaining as SNL's Weekend Updates.
  • Grass = Cut. (Bushes didn't get trimmed, though.)
  • Shannon and the kids went to her family reunion this weekend. I'm so looking forward to them getting home tonight. It's funny how much you can miss somebody in three days. I didn't get to go because...
  • We had a youth trip to The Gathering Place Sunday night. My honest thoughts:
    1. I had some fun times with the youth.
    2. Ultimate frisbee is fun, but it's a little less fun in, like, 93% humidity right after eating supper.
    3. The GP is usually great; this week seemed mediocre in terms production, though. The youth band had a couple flubs, but they're still really good. Two guys from Athens (Georgia, not Greece) tag-teamed the message, which was ultimately good, but seemed a little ramble-y and unprepared at times. I thought the stage-design/backdrop looked pretty sharp. There were still some great moments of worship for me and I heard God speaking to me about some stuff I've been wrestling with this past week.
    4. I want to take more adults with us on the next trip down there.
  • I played around with blog design and layout. I don't know if I like the new look or not. There was something I kind of enjoyed about the 'blank-white'-ness of the old design.
  • Also, I'm trying an experiment. I set up a Twitter account, and I'm still kind of unsure if this will work for me or if it's going to be helpful. Right now it just feels like I'm hopping on a bandwagon. Eh... We'll see just how long it lasts.

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