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Whopper Freakout

I'm not much for hamburger-type fast-food places. If I'm looking for a quick sandwich, it's usually Subway or Chick-fil-a. Now that you know my personal eating preferences, let me just say this video from Burger King was pretty interesting, especially some of the reactions...

Aside from the entertainment factor, I thought this was interesting from a marketing perspective. Moving away from a 30 second tv ad to a lengthier video with content, creativity, and a story to tell... That's a bit of a leap. And it's not their first attention grabber - check out this burger!

So, this got me to thinking and asking some questions:

  • BK went looking for reactions to the question "What if we dropped what makes us us?" Well, what would reactions be if a church claimed to drop what makes them The Church? Would people be as shocked or concerned?
  • BK was trying to get their story out there: The Whopper is great. How can The Church show this type of creativity in sharing it's message? (which I would argue is so much more important than a hamburger)
  • Sharing media like this (online, meant to be shared by people) is so much more helpful for "getting the word out" than just showing sound bites on tv or littering roadsides with billboards... and I'll say, maybe, just maybe, better than flyers in the hallway and three line blurbs in a weekly mailout.
  • BK experimented with a few of their people to test an assumption; "The Whopper is what we have that people love." I'd say people's reactions showed that to be a good assumption. (I'll admit, certainly they'd show the results that back their story, but they did have those reactions...) So, what would it look like for The Church to test and probe the value people feel The Church offers? And I don't just mean the value The Church feels like it adds or thinks it should add, but what people really value from The Church.
Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning. I mean, hey, it was interesting enough for me to want to tell you about it... and that's a win for BK!

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