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Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap Up:

  • Teaching in AM: Teaching at the Confirmation retreat Saturday was fun. It's always awesome to see them so excited and engaged with this stuff. Sounded like they were having a great retreat experience. Hope my little piece was helpful for them.
  • Dating in PM: We hit the outlet mall in Darien for a short shopping trip; I got new jeans. And the Shell House in SAV was right on. Yummy.
  • Noah's Parade: Noah spent the weekend with grandparents and went to the St.Patrick's day parade in Dublin. They said he loved the fire trucks. Ask him what a fire truck says, and he'll tell you, "woo-woo" (like the siren...) My folks brought him home Sunday and went to church and lunch with us. It was nice to have a day for just Shannon and me, but it was also nice to have him home again.
  • Youth Minsitry: Last night we had one of my former youth, who is now a mature, responsible college student (haha), come to share with our group about a mission trip she went on this past December. She spent ten days in India with a group called NetIndia and took over 2,600 backpacks filled with all kinds of great stuff to kids over there. She did a great job sharing about her experiences and making the point that we don't have to go all the way around the world, but should also serve the people right here in our own backyard. And several of the teens were interested and asking her more about it after last night.
  • NCAA Tourney: I got 25 of the first round picks right, but only 11 of the second round. Seven of my Elite Eight teams are still alive and all of my Final Four. Still hanging in there in my two pools, but I'll need some things to break my way if I'm gonna win. And, yes, Shannon is beating me. She's first in both pools. She's good at this.

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