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UNLEASH09: Breakout Session #1

This post is part of a series from notes taken during NewSpring Church’s Unleash Conference.

Breakout Session #1 : Communications & Web Strategy
Suzanne Swift & Joshua Blankenship

  • Simple, streamlined, and cohesive around mission / vision.
  • "Branded house": few logos (NewSpring, Kids’ environment, Student ministry environment) provides a consistent “feel” of every contact point repping who organization is.
  • In web design (and really throughout ministry) it’s important to provide logical next steps, because when people are given too many options, they freeze.
  • Smooth running teamwork like this requires clearly defined roles and goals. These guys ooze a passion for the vision of the church.
  • When planting new church campus, they advertised the series (as an event to come to) rather than New Spring, b/c NS didn’t hold value like an event might for that community of people.
  • Establish lead time and set deadlines. (working 2 to 6 weeks ahead)
  • Build good relationships and good systems. To build relationships, you have to go to them.
  • Initial meeting, planning, and then trusting people to be awesome at what they do.

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