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UNLEASH09: General Notes

This post is part of a series of notes taken during NewSpring Church’s Unleash Conference.

General Notes

  • In one word: Wow.
  • I really liked the one day format for a conference like this. This and the cost would make it pretty convenient for a volunteer team. Hopefully next year.
  • I was very impressed by the NewSpring volunteers; greeting in the parking lot, welcoming at the doors, helpful throughout the day, and I walked back to our ride with a hand-written note. Classy.
  • I was also impressed with the staff. Let me explain this: One of the two breakout sessions was about communications and web strategy. These people were sharing about media communications and web design and branding and they kept talking about people getting to know Jesus. And it wasn’t just the web and communications departments. The whole staff was oriented around that single vision and mission for the church. One of the comments they made in regards to web design: we’re good at what we do so they (other ministry staff) can be good at what they do. That teamwork and singleness of purpose makes everyone’s efforts more effective for the Kingdom.
  • Perry Noble doesn’t beat around the bush. He obviously says whatever (WHATEVER) he feels God is telling him to say. On the one hand, that type of obedience to God is something everyone should strive for. On the other hand, a person would need to be certain they’re hearing clearly from God, and not being self-serving or people pleasing. I’m not suggesting he was or wasn’t; just saying it’s a good idea to be cautious to speak that boldly. But, then again, I suppose you should be cautious anytime you’re speaking on God’s behalf.
  • The basic schedule was Main Session #1, Breakout Session #1, Breakout Session #2, Main Session #2. There was a whole lot to chew on. I’ll be thinking through all that with a short series of posts.

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