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Teaching in AM, Dating in PM

I'm headed down to Epworth by the Sea on Saint Simons Island to lead one of the workshops for the second weekend of this year's SouGaConf Confirmation Retreat. The South Georgia Annual Conference has done a great job with this event the past several years. I've taken some fun groups for some fun times at the retreat (in a nasty van) and have even led the same workshop before. They're even using a video we made, which is pretty cool.

This year will be different, though. First, I'm just going for Saturday to lead a workshop, so I won't be around for much else of the weekend. And, SFUMC's confirmation class went on the weekend in February, so I won't have a group of teens with me.

Instead, Noah is going to Grandmother's for the weekend and Shannon is going with me. She'll kick around down there with some "relax time" while I lead the workshops. Then we're making plans for some kind of date. I'm thinking "eat at a seafood restaurant," but Shannon said something about shopping... I usually make it a rule in life not to argue too much with pregnant women. We'll see where this goes. Maybe a compromise.

Any recommendations on the date?

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