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The Great Influvanza

Through intense research and diligent study, I've come to this highly scientific conclusion:

Church vans are nasty.

I'm off to Epworth/SSI for the Confirmation retreat with our middle school confirmation class this weekend. The church van was most recently used for our youth mission trip and a trip to Augusta for a Lynx hockey game (as well as a few smaller youth trips around town), so it needed some cleaning out before we hit the road this afternoon. I found, in no particular order: french fries, plenty of candy wrappers, a chewed piece of gum, empty cans and bottles, sunflower seed shells, a tennis ball, an onion ring, an open Reese's peanut butter cup, a pin with the initial 'C' on it, a can of Raid, a kid's journal, Dramamine, and an eye-liner makeup pencil.

Anyway, it's all much better now - maybe not sanitary, but no one should contract the plague on our trip.

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