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Short Videos Just Got Simpler

If you like doing much with pictures, you may want to check out animoto. Here's the formula:

((your pictures * stylish animations) + cool music) / 30sec. free = fun little video

Basically, it's a quick and dirty way to throw together an animated slide show. You can do 30 seconds free or pay for longer videos. Upload pictures from your computer, flickr, facebook, etc. Use their music or upload your own. It does all the animation and technical stuff, and just throws the 'animoto' logo at the end. You can then e-mail it, post it to YouTube, rip the embed code... And they claim the snowflake factor (that is, no two videos will be the same).

Here's one I threw together from the half-marathon back in February.

Other than just plain fun-ness, I can think of lots of applications for youth ministry stuff following trips or events. I would want to play with it some, but I bet you could save created images (with text) to make a preview or an intro for a teaching series, too.

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