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Our big pile of yellow pudding...

Back from Confirmation Retreat 08. It was a very good, very long, and very tiring weekend. I was super excited for our youth that got to participate this weekend and hope they come away from the experience having learned a little something, made some great memories, and having taken some steps in their faith. I hope to put together a short little video from the weekend sometime soon.

One quick story. SatPM we had what we called "Late Night Fun" which was basically just some games and activities for the youth. One of our boys was a volunteer for one of the games, and was instructed to bring an adult/counselor to the stage with him. With four pairs on stage, they came out with four foot-and-a-half by foot-and-a-half squares of plexi-glass. In the middle of the square on one side chocolate pudding was smeared in a little circle, vanilla pudding on the other. The partners each got one side. The contest: which pair could lick the most pudding off of their square the fastest. GO!

So, we start licking opposite sides of this pudding square. You've got the glass between you, but when you start to dive in to take a lick, and see a seventh grade boy's tongue where you're putting your, it's an odd feeling man. Odd feeling!

We came in a close second.

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