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NYWC 07: Seminar #3

Developing Student Leaders
Tiger McLuen

-Need to be able to give the elevator pitch

Developing Student Leaders is:
-theological: God ordained to engage people in ministry
-philosophical: how you understand this to work
-practical: functionality of programming
-personal: something you really believe in
(all of these really about adjusting leadership mindset)

Must be intentional, (“leadership development never happens accidentally.” Bill Hybels)

Student Leadership
-is an intentional plan by the youth leader
-creates specific opportunities for young people
-is a partnership between adults and teens

Five Kinds of Student Leadership
1. Servant Teams / Work Teams
2. Peer Ministry / Peer Helping
3. Peer Evangelism
4. Up Front Leadership
5. Decision Making Teams

Start by asking a simple question: Can a student do that?

Be aware of the risks and roadblocks
(busyness, jealousy, elitism, students become performance based, we dump leadership on them rather than mentor or develop them, adults/parents don’t get it)

-Know the difference between authority and responsibility
responsibility = trusted to follow through on task
authority = power to make decisions about task

-coach calls the play, the team runs it

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