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NYWC 07: General Session #3

-Shane and Shane rock (in a patently acoustic sort of way.
-their line that stayed w/ me: "may the vision of you be the death of me"

SPEAKER: Phyllis Tickle

I’ll just start here: Phyllis Tickle is amazing!

-About every 500 yrs the church feels compelled to have a big rummage sale, and we are living in one of those rummage sales. About 500yrs there’s a big upheaval , everything changes.

-Culture is the body within which religion lives.

-Expulsion of Jews, Christianity born (the Great Transformation)
-Fall of Rome and dis-integration of the world they knew
-1054, the Great Schism
-1517, the Great Reformation
-Present, the Great Emergence

-the ‘old’ form of Christianity didn’t cease to exist, but lost its place of privilege/power/favor and was replaced by something ‘new’

spirituality: interior experience of what one believes
religion: external actions of what one believes

We don’t have definition of humanity, and without that we don’t know definition of soul
Remember the Terry Schiavo issue, was she alive?

Discussing Emerging Church
picture: Four quadrants: I. liturgical, II. social justice, III. renewalist (pentecostal, charismatic), and IV. evangelicals (conservative)

these four groups have been meeting, more are finding the quadrant they didn’t come from attractive and acceptable (ex: pentecostals find the need for social actions)
therefore, there’s a growing dot in middle, a ‘fifth quadrant’
predictions: 60% will be in this ‘fifth quadrant’, 10% will draw back from overlap, that leaves 30% - will be hyphenated religious groups?

When we (the church) come through one of these things, there’s always be bloody consequence, bitter division. Wherever we are, know the others are Christians too. You have next 500 yrs of church is in your hand, so don’t screw this!

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