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GSU Baby

GSU kicked of the Chris Hatcher era with a home win against West Georgia. Shannon and I got the opportunity to go to the game.

And so did Noah.

It was Noah's first football game; a come from behind win for GSU. We tailgated before the game and watched from 'the grass seats' on a little blanket. He had a great time. He even did well with the crowd noise, and only got startled one time.

Jayson Foster hit his receiver on a long post play for an 81yrd TD. Shannon was holding Noah and, along with a stadium full of people, cheered. Noah got this pitiful little look like he was about to bawl when Shannon realized it. We both smiled at him and nodded our heads. Suddenly he broke into a smile, and his world was right again.

It was a neat sort of 'family' experience for me. I think I'm gonna really like this 'family' idea. Already do.

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