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A little song we wrote...

So, as of right now the ATL Braves are 5GB of the NYMets (I hate the Mets.) and 5GB in the wild card race and seemingly losing ground with every pitch. They've gone 4-6 on their current road trip and have lost some heart-breakers lately. All this comes with Luke's Cubs *barely* staying afloat of the surging Cards and the sinking Brewers!

But do they have a catchy little ditty for their mid-season pickups? (What, no love for Craig Monroe?) If you're a Braves fan or a baseball fan in general, this is definitely worth three minutes of your life.

I'll admit, the division race is looking like a long shot. There're two more series with the Mets and Phillies that'll determine where the Braves will stand. And the WC race is almost as bleak with the way San Diego's playing lately. But hey, we got Tex, right? (now if we could just find some pitchers to fill out the rotation...)

(ht David)

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