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Prepping for Pathways

In August, the SouGaConf will host a training called "Pathways to a Healthy Church", which will be a day of training seminars covering a variety of ministry topics. I have the privilege of team-teaching a workshop on youth leadership with Jim Morrow. Specifically (or generally) the one sentence summary is "Youth who are emerging as leaders in your local church youth group will be taught some of the basics of spiritual leadership." It will be one of the 'all-day' workshops, which means it's three (I'm guessing about an hour+15min long) sessions.

As we prep for the event, Jim and I are going to open the discussion here to gain insight from the masses. We talked the other day and decided to go with the 'puke on the page' approach, so realize much of this will be brainstorming. Feel free to chime in on any of the ideas thrown out here and know that you get to help shape the workshops.

Pathways Prep 1
Pathways Prep 2
Pathways Prep 3
Pathways Wrap-Up

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