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Pathways Prep 1

First thoughts on Pathways event... Remember this is brainstorming. Comments welcome as we shape the workshop...

-teens (and anyone for that matter) can only absorb so much information in a short period of time. if the teens involved in the workshop are spoon fed a truck load of info, they won't enjoy it, won't retain much, and won't be excited about taking a leadership role within their local church's youth ministry. so i'm thinking we don't overwhelm them with a dozen seven point lists of what makes a great student leader. it would be great to create some type of experience or experiences that would communicate the core principles we hope to pass on. (and then give them some lists) :)

-note to self, remember to tell the youth: "Your youth leader WANTS you to step up and take a leadership role. Your youth leader NEEDS you to step up and take a leadership role."

-could promote basic discussion by asking youth what, if any, type of youth leadership team/roles/opportunities (formal or informal) they have within their ymin.

-leading through some spiritual formation or meditation on a passage of scripture

-potential scripture study
Luke 22:24-27 (least shall be greatest)
Luke 16:10-13 (faithful in little, faithful in much)
John 13:3-17 (Jesus washes disciples feet)

-i wonder what size group we should expect: twenty something? sixty-five? seven? the approach would vary depending on this.

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