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Basketball, Baby, and a Big Weekend

So I made it through day one of the NCAA tourney w/ my bracket still mostly alive. I did have ODU topping MD in the next round, so that's shot, but other than that I'm looking real good. My dang buddy Luke called them all right except Duke losing to VCU last night. Maybe day two will bite him! We'll see what happens with the rest of the Rnd1 games. My picks could still be dysfunctional by the time twelve people read this!

Shannon's doing well with the pregnancy. So far everything is on track as far as size and weight and all that stuff. We saw the Dr. yesterday, and so far so good. It's fun to be able to put my hand on her stomach and feel Baby Burnham kicking and rolling and all. She's been feeling good and has fun looking cute in the maternity clothes.

Looks like a busy weekend ahead. Tonight, if it's not raining, Shan and I have tix to the GaSou baseball game. We used to go some in college and we're looking forward to seeing our first game in their new stadium. I'm taking a group down to WildAdventures tomorrow. We'll ride roller coasters and throw-up and then later on they're having a big concert; Steven Curtis Chapman and New Song and Sanctus Real (who I'm really jazzed about seeing again) and Jeremy Camp (who I'm also looking forward too) and Hawk Nelson (who I've heard good things about) and somebody else I think. It'll be a long, good day. Then SunAM the Bahamas Mission team will be at Brooklet UMC to lead the 11am worship service. So, big weekend.

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