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Bahamas Mission Trip

This Saturday I leave for a mission trip to the Bahamas. I'm going as part of the Statesboro District youth mission team. This is a group of thirty-five high school students and adults from seven churches in Bulloch and Screven counties. We'll be leaving early Saturday, driving to Ft.Lauderdale, FLA. Sunday we'll take a cruise ship to the island. We'll return the next Saturday.

Before you all start talking about this being a soft trip and giving me the "ooo, talk about suffering for the Lord" lines, this isn't quite a vacation. We'll be helping to rebuild a community youth center that was damaged in recent hurricane activity, leading 'bible school' type activities for some children, and leading some church worship services during the week. The construction work, as far as we know, will involve hanging dry-wall, painting, and some roofing.

I'm excited about this trip for many reasons. I've had a few experiences with going off on 'missions' work like this to Tennessee and North Carolina, but never to another country. I think this trip comes at a good time for me personally, and I expect my experiences next week will be a renewing/refreshing sort of time. I'm sure it will spark my faith and passion. Four of the youth going on the trip are from the youth ministry here in Brooklet, and I'm hoping this helps build some momentum among our teens for this type of service work. Also, Shannon has been to the Bahamas before, wasn't crazy about it, and so this may be one of my few opportunities to go.

If you're interested in following along with the trip, we'll be daily updating at www.statesborodistrictyouthmissiontrip.blogspot.com. I don't know what my time/availability will look like, so I may not update here much next week, but if I get a chance to put a little something up here I will.

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