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I'm going to be a dad!

Here's a bit of news that's overdue...

I'm proud to announce that Shannon and I are expecting a baby Burnham!

We've known for a while now, and have shared our news with family and many of our friends. There are some folks I don't have regular contact with except through this site, so there are some who haven't heard yet (sorry for the delay). We are getting into the second trimester (you can see I'm learning all kinds of technical terms, like "trimester"). We're due in June and are getting ready for BabyBurnham to arrive; figuring out how we want to fix the room, thinking through names, prepping ourselves for handling NGS [that would be "new-grandmother-syndrome"], etc.

We're super excited! I guess you could say we've got some of the same anxieties other first time parents go through. (Are we ready for this? Do we have everything taken care of? Can I live on that little sleep?)

I'll give everybody a little input into our adventures into parenthood: We have the option of finding out the gender of the child before it's delivered. We go to the doctor again next week, and we can find out then if it's a boy or girl or we can wait. We've gone back and forth on our thoughts, and see pros and cons either way. So, would you wait for the delivery to hear, "It's a ...!" or find out now, for whatever advantages that gives in getting ready for baby to be here?

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