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You thought I was what?

So last night I was leading worship for our Sunday night youth program. I was playing the guitar and singing, and the group was on board and things were going well. But it was uncomfortably hot. I don't know if it was just the room (others said they were hot, too) or being up front, or what... we'd a few minute earlier played the whole 'tie-a-balloon-to-your-ankle-and-pop-eveybody-elses-but-don't-let-yours-get-popped' game, so maybe it was some of the running around...

Anyway, as I was leading the music, I felt like I was just melting up there. My forehead was sweating, and a bead of sweat ran down the side of my face. At the time, I was a little self conscious about it, but tried not to let it distract me too much.

Well, after everything was finished last night, I was standing around talking to a few people. I mentioned how hot I was earlier and asked if anybody else was uncomfortable. One of the high schoolers said, "Oh, you were sweating. I thought you were really moved by the song and were crying."

Maybe you'd have to have been there, but it was really funny.

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