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White Lightning dies again...

So, I thought White Lightning was better, but no. She died again yesterday - popped a belt or something. I was driving when all of a sudden the steering locked up and the battery light came on. Not a pleasant surprise! I had it towed back to the folks who worked on the car over the weekend and they repaired/replaced the brokeness. I noticed though that it looked like oil was still leaking. They told me it was from before. I told them to take a look at it again. They did, and sure enough it was leaking again; said it was a defective gasket and they'd replace it for free. Except not until next Monday when the part comes in.

So, we're rolling again and keeping a close eye on the oil level. This week, I hate cars. Maybe I'll go Amish and buy a horse and buggy.

*(No offense inteded to my Amish readers.)

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