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White Lightning rides again...

My car, a white '96 Saturn SL2 with 144k+ miles, affectionately known as 'White Lightning', was ill last week. She went to the car doctor over the weekend and seems to be running much better again. Apparently there was a little oil leak that let oil drip down onto the spark plugs causing some trouble and the hoses to the spark plugs were rotting. The biggest problem, though, was that one of the engine mounts (the piece that holds the engine on the frame) was cracked. The mechanic put it this way: "If that cracks the rest of the way, your engine's gonna fall out on the ground." I'm not a real car guy, but even I know you don't want your engine on the ground! That's what was causing the shakes and shudders. When the engine was running in gear or shifting into gear, it was beginning to shake loose from the car.

So, that's fixed and White Lightning rides again...

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