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Concerning peanuts and healthy churches...

Tomorrow is the not-quite-world-famous-but-big-deal-around-here Brooklet Peanut Festival. We're having a parade, booths downtown, 5k run, live music... all kinds of fun stuff. And tomorrow would be my first ever Peanut Festival experience.

But it won't be.

No, I'm not boycotting. This isn't some sort of protest against those tiny legumes. Actually, I'm a big fan of peanut butter and I think Mr. Washington Carver seems like he would have been a terrifically nice guy.

Tomorrow I'll be participating in a one day seminar for creating healthier churches. It's being hosted by the South Georgia conference of the UMC in Warner Robins and they are offering workshops on lots of areas of church health. I'll be soaking up some youth ministry related goodness. (Sounds optimistic, huh? Well, that's the plan.) I plan to share some of my insights once I have some time to process the info. I'll also be seeing some good friends there, too. I'm looking forward to the event, even though it means sacrificing my big Peanut Festival debut.

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