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I'm back, baby!

-a la Mr. Costanza-

Well, I'm finally back after a brief blogging hiatus. I know I've probably lost all of my regular readers, so I wish the two of them would come back. Anyhow, I've been swamped by a number of things lately. Busy. The Christmas holidays were a killer on my reading and blogging. We've moved back into our house after the house fire last August (no, I haven't posted much - er...anything - about it, but I will), so that's been time consuming. Let's just call it the epitome of procrastination and say I waited until February to make my 'be more consistant' resolution. Everyone else can do that stuff in January if they want.

I've also been cooking up the new look. I really wanted a three-column layout, so I played around with some stuff and came up with this. What do you think? I'm still working out a few kinks with the right column jumping down and tagging posts (and I'm not sure how it looks across different browsers - right now I'm on IE6), but hopefully it'll function well and look nice.

We should do some catching up together. Soon.


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