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Did you watch the Super Bowl?

In case you didn't hear, Super Bowl XL was last night and the Pittsburgh Steelers managed to beat the Seattle Seahawks, 21-10. We had a fun little shin-dig to watch the game with some friends. I'm not a Steelers fan, but I was pulling for them to win; the Jerome Bettis storyline and all. (And just for the record, Brian and Cole asked me just before half-time who would win the MVP. I told them Hines would get it if he kept playing like he had been. He did. Yeah, me.)

Couple of other interesting notes:
There's a story brewing about former MVPs and money. My two cents: IF IT'S TRUE... and it really did come down to a money thing, dang, that's poor no matter how rich they are. (or maybe it's their choice, and shouldn't be obligated to show?)

And, I thought Tony Myles had some interesting things to say about the "AFL-NFL World Championship Game."

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