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Just for the record…

I don’t think there are necessarily any particular ground rules for web-logs other than what a particular writer imposes on themselves, so some of this might seem ridiculous to anybody reading. But I’m feeling new to this. (My virgin blogging experiences happened over this past summer when I was introduced to the nexus of the universe, and then somehow stumbled into rhett smith’s site a short while later.)

So I want to say some things and get some stuff off my chest:

I’m not real good at writing as I think. I am much more comfortable with thinking out loud, which I do often as I sit alone in front of my computer screen, but it’s tough recording those thoughts by typing as fast as I tend to talk. I thought of recording myself and then typing it, but that would be too much work and I’m lazy. In fact, I had one of those hand held voice recorders, but it was recently lost in a house fire (yeah, that’s a post I’ve been putting off writing about). And I have seen there’s a way to ‘audio-blog’, but it looks like long distance phone charges apply and I’m cheap. This new way of thinking through my thoughts, writing rather than just talking, is tough for me sometimes and leads to short, empty posts, but is something that helps me really nail down what I’m thinking and so is probably a good area of growth for me.

This is site a dumping ground for things I’m thinking about and wondering about, so I may seem back and forth in some opinions or may seem way out in left field with some of the things I write about sometimes. If you don’t like it, just write a little comment and tell me where I’m screwed up or quit reading.

I work in the church in youth ministry, so some of the stuff may only be interesting to you if that sort of stuff is interesting to you.

I’m interested in playing around with the look of this webpage, as I don’t want is to look stupid or cheesy (do people still use the phrase “cheesy”?). I’ve spent some time doing this lately (on a separate experimental site – and, no, that one isn’t suppose to look good) which is why I haven’t posted here this week. By the way, notice the cool new archives menu! I hope you won’t ever find animated clipart or hyper-color backgrounds on here. If you do, please, please, make me stop! I don’t care if it looks ‘hip’ or ‘edge-y’, but I hope it looks like a place I would want to look at and read sometimes.

I started with asking questions all the time. This will still happen often (maybe. hopefully.), but I’m going to wonder in statement titles sometimes, too. (Meanwhile, keep going, Luke. Stick to your guns with the song titles. You’re the man!)

Anyhow… I don’t think this was necessary for anyone except me, but hopefully I’ll be able to write a little more freely.

ps. This was too funny not to pass on. Take a look.


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