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Some Reading

A few things I've been reading lately that I think other people should be reading too:

  • Kem Meyer on stylish caring. She warns of doing good without really doing much at all. And, conversely, just because you're not flashy about it doesn't mean there's not some behind-the-scenes action happening.
  • Tim Stevens on The Shrinking 40%. He suggests having amazing "come-to-us" events to share the message the church has to share while not ignoring the number of people who don't and won't respond to that type of environment.
  • Tony Morgan's recent interview with Craig Groschel discussing the concept of Christian Atheists, people who claim to be Christian while living lives look almost no different than people who say they are not. (9min 14sec)
  • A post from Shrink the Church about 10 Reasons to Under Program Your Church.

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