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Staff Meeting at NewSpring

I’m in Anderson, South Carolina today to check out NewSpring Church’s staff meeting. Being a muti-site church (one church, five meeting locations), they occasionally have an "all staff" meeting with staff from all five campuses. Because Dorsia is in a coaching network with Perry Noble, he was invited and I was able to come along.

Staff meetings are sometimes a punchline, but I'm hoping this will be different than those types of staff meetings. We all received a message to read 2Kings4.38-41 in advance of the meeting today.

I'm excited to see what God is doing through the people of this church and to see where God may be leading us at LifeSpring. There's good things ahead...

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Tell Perry that "Big Red" said hello. He'll know who you're talking about...
Seriously, hope it's a good learning experience for both you and Dorsia!

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