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A Comment About Comments

I've got a little sad news to share. It's just a little news and just a little sad.

For the past several years, I've used HaloScan to host the comments on this page. They've recently changed their service and introduced what they call Echo. They also introduced a price tag. Albeit a somewhat small price tag, I'm not real sure I want to jump onboard with the Echo comment service. And HaloScan is discontinuing any other comment hosting. So, I'm switching comments back over to the Blogger. Now, two things about this...

One, HaloScan has provided a way to export all the old comments and I'll have those in my very own .xml file. And that's nice enough of them to offer it, really, but it's sort of like giving a two year old keys to a car. I can't really use it for much right now, but maybe someday.

Two, the down side is that Blogger doesn't have a way to import comments, which means the old comments won't show up here. Thus, the little bit sad part.

All that to say, the option to comment on here may seem a little fuzzy for a bit. During the next few days while this is being switched over, if I miss your comment or you can't get it to work or your RSS feed to the comments is messed up... well, there you go. And, if for some reason you're hoping to go back and read old comments, they'll probably be gone until Blogger kindly offers a way to import comments. Thanks guys!

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