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Sweet Tweets!

My favorite Tweets from October:

The Helpful/Thoughtful
  • johncmaxwell Spectacular achievement comes from unspectacular preparation.
  • stevenfurtick My joy is not determined by what happens TO me But what Christ is doing IN me and THROUGH me. #joygenome
  • johncmaxwell Successful people make right decisions early & manage those decisions daily.
  • DougFields "Life without labeling others isn't possible, the problem is labeling too quick and holding on too long." (via Matt McGill) #fb
  • hotdogsladies Useful advice is rarely relaxing.
  • stevenfurtick Figuring out how God is going to do His job isn't in your job description. Your roles & responsibilities: trust & obey.
  • daviddonnan "Others determine your reputation, but only you determine your integrity" - Tony Dungy in Uncommon. #fb
  • hotdogsladies I can't prove reading books makes you smarter, but there's compelling anecdotal evidence for what happens when you don't.
  • RickWarren Balance ur preaching:“Edification,Exhortation & Comfort”1Cor.14:3 BUILD UP(doctrinal)FIRE UP(motivational)HOLD UP(pastoral)
  • RickWarren It's HOW u live,not HOW LONG that matters; the donation of ur life,not the duration. U choose 2waste, spend,or invest time

The Funny
  • hotdogsladies High school by our house appears to have replaced Phys. Ed. with KFC Famous Bowls and Rhianna videos.
  • jepeay Does Twitter have a mailing address that people can mail their tweets to? If not, that's discriminating against the Amish and Alaskans.
  • jepeay Toasters are being used less and less these days...which is why Poptarts should change their name to Spinaroundinthemicrowavetarts.
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