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i've been thinking a bit about life and death lately. sounds dark and morbid, i know, but it's not really.

i've just been thinking about, compared to eternity, how short our lives are. and how relatively short our time on earth is. and how quickly time passes. and how once it's gone, you can't get it back. and if there's much purpose to our time here. and if we spend our time on stuff that really matters.

here's a thought: one hundred years from now, chances are everybody you know will not be here anymore.

one hundred years from now, chances are you won't be here anymore.

so, as cool as it is to have things like a nice car, in the bigger picture, how important is that? and is it worth all the stress and fuss we make about it sometimes? or what about the clothes we wear? or our hair cut? (or baldness...) or so many of the things we stress out about...

are they THAT important in the bigger picture?

serena williams, the tennis star, lost the u.s. open because she blew up at a line judge. there's drama because kanye interrupted taylor's big moment (which was kind of a jerk thing to do). everyday people yell and give certain hand gestures because they were cut off in traffic. we laugh when someone tells a joke at someone's expense. we have a melt down when mom or dad says no. we compromise our convictions for convenience.

so what is important?

continue to ask God to help you live with a bigger picture in mind. ask God to show you what's truly important, what our priorities really should be. pray that God would align your heart with His, that we would seek first "His kingdom and righteousness" and trust Him that so many of those other things we worry about will be taken care of.

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