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why pray?

why pray?

really. why pray?

some would say the number one tool for a Jesus follower is prayer. it should be our go-to response whenever we feel angry, frustrated, tense, confused, or when we're just not quite sure what to do. but have you ever wondered why?

i mean, if God already knows what we need, why doesn't He just provide it and let us move on with our day?

there's this quote by this famous christian writer: "prayer does not change God, it changes the one who prays."

i don't know if that's entirely true. i think there are many different facets to prayer. and maybe God changes His mind sometimes. or maybe not.

but let me suggest this: everything changes when you have a conversation with Jesus.

there was this one time Jesus visits some friends, mary and martha. martha was busy preparing for all the visitors, but mary sat with Jesus, listening to His words. martha was frustrated and "distracted" by her busyness.

Jesus tells martha that mary has chosen what is better, basically telling martha to reconsider her priorities.

do you need to reconsider your priorities?

do you need to be un-distracted from your own busyness? do you need to sit and listen to Jesus' words to you?

obviously one reason for prayer is that Jesus commanded it. He didn't tell His disciples, "if you pray..." He told His disciples, "when you pray..." implying they would pray.

but it's also a unique opportunity to sort through life's issues with the Author of Life. prayer reminds us that God is in control. prayer helps put our role as Jesus followers in proper perspective. when we pray that our hearts would be aligned with His, He can work in our life to give us a clearer understanding of what His will is.

prayer isn't just some "religious thing we should do." prayer is an opportunity to talk directly to our Heavenly Father.

ask God this morning to show you where you need to adjust priorities in your life to put God first. pray that He would create a thirst and hunger to spend more time with Him in prayer. pray that God would change your heart as you pray this morning

becuase everything changes when you have a conversation with Jesus.

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