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Super Sweet Swag-Bag from Bloggers Meetup at Catalyst

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One of the fun experiences from Catalyst last week was participating in the Bloggers Meetup Wednesday night. Aside from meeting several people (Brad Ruggles, Paul Steinbrueck, Tony Steward, Chad Houck, Bill Bliss, and others...) they gave away this great little gift bag. As a thank you to those who donated the books, and cds, and coffee -yes, coffee!- I'll be posting some reviews of some of the stuff. Not gonna touch on everything that was in there, but I'll hit the highlights.

Also, here's a quick story I thought was a little entertaining:

I felt a little awkward headed into this little Bloggers Meetup deal. I didn't really know anybody else that was going to be there, and so I'm going into this expecting the odd social situation of standing around talking to strangers. But I was interested and willing to see what came of it.

We're all standing around, sipping our drinks, and chatting away. I'm introduced to this really big guy named Leif. We talk for a couple minutes about where we're from, what we do, and then he introduces me to his wife, Margaret, who had walked up during our conversation. We had a moment or two of polite chit-chat. She was carrying this tiny-little dog (Hershey, I think it was...), and I suggested they get a micro-pig as a playmate for Hershey, explaining the article I had happened to read a few days before. Anyway, as we're standing there talking I can't help but have this feeling that she is really familiar. So, I asked her last name... She tells me, "Feinberg."

Then it dawns on me. Margaret Feinberg. I've been standing there talking with a nationally published author. I had read a book of hers, God Whispers, several years ago. She was one going to be one of the speakers on the Catalyst main stage. And I've been standing there telling her about micro-pigs.

I just kind of chuckled and said, "Oh... I've read a book you wrote." We both laughed; me at the confession, her at the book I'd read. "I've gotten better since then," she said. I told her I appreciated the book. I also asked her to take it as a compliment I had read her book and not an insult that I didn't recognize her.

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