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A Tag-Team Tool for Twitter and Facebook

This post is part of a series on Using Technology to Further Relationships in Youth Ministry.

Let's say you've taken the plunge and become an official Twitter-er and now you're text messaging quality updates like Mr. Kutcher. And you've been Facebooking for a while, connecting with youth and publicizing your youth events. If only there were some sort of way these two super heroes could team up like Batman and Robin. With their powers combined, you'd be unstoppable... Alright, that's way over-hyped, but here's a simple tool for updating your Facebook status through Twitter.

There is a Facebook application, Selective Twitter. After the short, simple setup process, you can have the Twitter updates you choose show up as your status on your Facebook profile. The nice thing is that not every Twitter update shows up, hence the name selective. The app basically links your Fb profile to your Twitter profile, so your FB page is reading your Twitter updates. Any tweet that ends with "#fb" will now be shown as your Facebook status.

Updating your Facebook status is a quick way of letting your Facebook friends know what you're doing or just what's on your mind. I enjoy the Selective Twitter Status for it's convenience; I can update two accounts at once just by sending a text message.

Some of the advantages of sending only selected tweets as FB status, as they explain on the FBApp page:

  • Avoid confusing your Facebook friends
  • Don't swamp your profile with too many updates
  • Leave certain updates on Facebook for longer
Note: It doesn't work if your Twitter updates are protected. Also, it is possible to enable certain Facebook functions, such as status updates, on certain cellphones straight from Facebook.

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