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Facing the Fears of Leadership

When God showed up and spoke to Moses, it turned his world upside-down. God called Moses to a task that was way bigger than Moses could accomplish. God called Moses to the God-sized task of leadership.

But Moses wasn't so sure right away. He had some doubts and concerns about what God was inviting him to be a part of.

I think the doubts and concerns that Moses wrestled with are issues that many leaders have to face for themselves.

Moses' Excuses: Who am I?
The Core Issue: Doubted his identity.
God's Response: I'm with you; you'll worship on this mountain.
Note: There's a comfort that comes from the confidence of finding our identity in Christ. God is with you, and that makes all the difference. God basically responds, "Who are you? You are mine."

Moses' Excuses: Who's sending me?
The Core Issue: Doubted God's identity.
God's Response: I AM, repeats picture & vision of hope, and "I'm going to move!"
Note: God has been, is, and will be. God cares for His people. God is living and active.

Moses' Excuses: They won't believe me.
The Core Issue: Doubted people's response.
God's Response: Gives examples of how He was going to show himself.
Note: There's a bit of a feeling that stepping into leadership is like stepping out on a limb. But it's not the leader's job to worry about people's response. It's the leader's job to faithfully follow where God leads and invite others to join in. Besides, as the saying goes, out on the limb is where the fruit is.

Moses' Excuses: I can't speak well.
The Core Issue: Doubted abilities, not equipped for the responsibilities.
God's Response: I'll tell you what to say.
Note: God wouldn't call you to join in His redemptive work and then hang you out to dry. The old cliche is true: God doesn't call the equipped; He equips the called. God's power is made perfect in our weakness because then we know we're dependent on Him.

Moses' Excuses: Just send someone else.
The Core Issue: Wants to run away, avoid responsibilities.
God's Response: Anger. Take Aaron with you. Now go do what I say.
Note:It's a certain arrogance to claim so boldly that we know a situation better than God. It's a blessing to be invited to participate in God's work and activity. God may send others to do the same work (sent Aaron), but not to do what He's called you to do. And we come to know God by experience as we live in obedience and see God work.

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