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Fernandina Beach Vacation

We took a short family trip to Fernandina Beach last week. It was Noah and Ansley's first trip to the beach. Ansley was pretty laid-back about it, but Noah was super excited. Here are a few of the many pictures from the trip:

Noah's first time seeing the beach; at night time. Noah's first time seeing the beach; at night time.

We went down to the beach for a few minutes our first night there, mostly because Noah was so excited about the idea of the beach. All day long he talked about, "The BEACH, mommy! The BEACH!" He wasn't disappointed. You can see the ear-to-ear grin. (Ansley was happy just hanging out in the baby-cocoon-hammock thing.)

Early morning on Fernandina Beach Playing in the water at Fernandina Beach

Noah and daddy at Fernandina Playing in the sand at Fernandina Beach

It's a boat at sunrise on Fernandina Beach Family pic on Fernandina Beach

Here's one of the funny twists to our trip... Since we were all in a room together, when Ansley woke up (early) to eat it wasn't very long after that Noah was awake, too. It was 5:45am! Since we were all up (and you know the kids aren't going back to sleep) we figured let's just get on with it. We had breakfast and were walking the block-and-a-half from the hotel to the beach by 6:30.

It's not what I'd have guessed of vacation time a few years ago, but it worked out pretty good. We saw some of the sunrise over the water, we got down to the beach before it was hot or crowded, Noah played for a few hours, and then it was back to the hotel room for lunch and naps.

It was such a fun little trip and some nice memories I'll hold onto for a long time.

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