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Randomness from Today

Here are a few random thoughts from today:

  • Standing in line at the DMV is almost as bad as everybody jokes about it being... but the lady was very nice and friendly when I finally got up to the desk.
  • Mixing water and electricity can actually be kinda cool... if it's done safely and involves salt and a table lamp.
  • Any old group of teenagers can set a goal and work to make that happen... but I love seeing them work together for a Godly goal, achieve that goal, and set a positive example for their peers while they do that. Win.
  • I've decided that a full burrito from Moe's is too much food for me for lunch anymore... but it sure tasted good while I was eating it. (It was an Art Vandelay, if you were wondering. And if you weren't wondering, it was still an Art Vandelay.)
  • It's not good when your two year old son has an ear infection, cold, and pinkeye... and it's worse when he gives two of those three to his three week old little sister... but it's great to see him still in a great mood and full of energy.

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