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MacGyver was "My Guy"

Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyverIf you grew up in the 80s, you knew who your favorite anti-gun secret agent with a mullet and Swiss Army knife was... the one and only MacGyver. Much like Prince or Pele or Shakira or RuPaul, he only needed one name. He could make a small time-bomb out of fishing line, a quarter, and left over meatloaf. He could pick locks with his shoe strings. He was my hero.

He was. And I wanted to be like MacGyver. I mean, I wanted to grow up and drive a jeep because that's what MacGyver drove. (Then he got that old yellow truck, and I decided I would need an old truck instead.) He knew chemical combinations like bartenders know mixed drinks, so I thought science was secretly the key to success in life. And the hair... well, let's not talk about the hair.

If you're lost at this point, maybe this will help:

We all have people we look up to, and I'm not just talking about fictional characters on tv. Neighbors, grandparents, a teacher, a coach... Sometimes it's for who they are or what they can do. But I think the people who we really look up to the most are the people who make us feel like we can be something more than we are. That pull us forward in who we can become.

So maybe you can ask yourself, "Self...

  • Who are you inspiring to be more than they are?
  • Who are you showing the untapped potential that lies within them?
  • What example are you setting for those who may be watching you?
Maybe you can be a hero, too.

By the way, I still love inventing new ways to use duct tape...

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