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The Leadership Quality of "Humble Confidence"

There's a phrase that I've tried to hold onto for a couple years now: humble confidence. For me, that means a balance of pushing aside arrogance and cockiness and still living with a sureness and confidence in who you are and who God has called you to be. I was in a workshop taught by Rob Bell and he mentioned a similar idea of a walking with a "holy humble swagger." I thought that was nicely put, and it made me smile a little bit.

Anyway, so when I read this post by Perry Noble, I just kept shaking my head in agreement:

A humble leader is a hungry leader–always seeking to learn, grow and be stretched. They acknowledge they do not have all of the answers and never allow themselves to reduce God down to a system or formula.

Humble leaders don’t view themselves as better than others (Philippians 2:3-4) when their church experiences success.


One of the things the Lord has taught me is that leadership on the most effective level is when I listen to God and then do what He says.

A leader must be confident that he has heard from the Lord. He must have a fire inside of him that consumes him…one that he is willing to talk about with anyone who will listen…and one he should be willing to lay down his life for.
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