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Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

I had an awkward social situation ordering a cup of coffee this morning that was just too good and too bad not to pass on real quick.

I went to order a cup of coffee before sitting down with some friends. Now this is a hometown coffee shop, and the same girl is working there every time I'm in there; real nice, real friendly. Anyway, at this coffee shop they have several different daily house flavors, two of which seemed interesting... "Graham Slam Crunch" and "Sinful Pleasures." Neither of these names were obvious as to their taste.

So, genuinely curious about the coffee and without much thought, I politely ask, "Can you tell me about your Sinful Pleasures?"

(awkward pause)

My buddies behind me were giggling like a couple of middle school girls. I stuttered something about that being a little more personal than I meant for it to be. She just smiled and told me something about what was in the coffee, but I honestly don't even remember.

I just ordered the Graham Slam Crunch and sat down.

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