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NYWC Notes

This post is part of a series from notes taken during YS’s NYWC.

Seminar : The Rise of the Ministry Creatives : Mark Miller

Recommended Books:
- The Cultural Creatives
- The Rise of the Creative Class
- Scribbling in the Sand by Michael Card
- Holy Wow by Group Publishing
- Jump Start Your Brain by Doug Hall

Some quotes and memorable phrases:
Change is constant.
God is omnificient
Permission to fail? (As in, “It’s ok to fail sometimes. It shows you’re trying some things on a growing edge. Don’t always play it safe. Give yourself permission to risk failing.”)

Logic Brain vs. Artistic Brain
(Neat, linear, categorical) vs. (inventor, child-brain, draws upside-down, write w/ non-dominant hand)

Creative Process
1. What is problem?
What needs to be solved? What is objective?

2. Why? Why? Why?
Probe it, gather info, ask questions and research.

3. Search for the idea
Grab stimuli (see, taste, touch, smell, hear, feel)
Ideas: brain dump writing, keep a “cool” file, give it space, think about different people, garner inspiration from greeting cards, magazines, tabloids, etc…, mix up the routine.

4. When you get the idea, wait.
Sit with it a little while. Let it marinate; let it grow.

5. Put it in action.
Give self a deadline – this is where art meets discipline.

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