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DR's Town Hall for Hope

Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope bannerLast Thursday our church hosted the nationwide simulcast of Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope. I jotted down a few notes, some things I found funny or interesting, and some things I couldn't clearly read later. Anyway, thought I'd pass them along...

  • Even a turkey can fly in a tornado.
  • When the tide goes out, you can tell who's been skinny dipping!
  • Fear is not a fruit of the spirit.
  • Keynesian economics vs Friedman economics
  • You can be sincere and still be stupid.
  • "Our economy rests on a three-legged stool—political freedom, economic freedom, and moral restraint.” —Michael Novak
  • If there's no chance of failing, what's pushing you to [work harder / do your best].
  • Failure is good when it pushes us to excellence because it chases us there.
  • You shot it, Tarzan. Now, shut up and eat it.
  • Work like it all depends on you. Pray like it all depends on God.
  • 60% of foreclosures in 2008 were from 5 states.
  • 52% of single moms live [at or below] the poverty level. You want to help somebody, there's somebody to help.
  • Instead of "Receptionist", he calls her the "Director of First Impressions."
  • If you're concerned about inflation, invest in products whose value will go up with inflation: diversified gross mutual funds, real-estate...
  • If you can buy real-estate, buy it. But buy it. Pay for it. Don't get over you head.
  • Gold is the Snuggie of investments: It's sold on late night tv, and if you buy it, it'll make you look stupid.
  • I read the book The Tortoise and the Hare, and every time I read it the tortoise wins.
  • The most powerful wealth building tool is to get out of debt.
  • Research has shown a person's income will be within 10% of their 10 closest friends income. (Hmmm... so have rich friends?!?)
He ended with recommending three things to do:
  1. Do something and get moving! (I thought of a phrase I'd heard recently: a bias toward action.)
  2. Don't participate in loser talk. (Be careful of your news input, and be a learner.)
  3. Learn to give again. (Worship service and customer service might be kinda the same thing... Keep producing.)
For more, check out www.daveramsey.com.

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