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UNLEASH09: Main Session #1

This post is part of a series from notes taken during NewSpring Church’s Unleash Conference.

Main Session #1 : Perry Noble

3 Questions for the Church from 2Kings7

Q: Are we willing to embrace change?

  • The men felt their situation deeply enough they had to do something.
  • God uses people who are falling apart.
  • Be willing to take a God-led risk.
  • Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.
Q: Are we willing to work?
  • The men got up and took action. And when they took action, they saw God’s action.
  • Having a ”You show me and I’ll go” commitment.
  • Investigate the obvious stuff; test assumptions.
  • Where are we manufacturing energy?
  • Too many people are “educated beyond obedience.” (ppl have heard God, but aren’t obedient to what they’ve heard, they don’t put it into practice, into application)
Q: Are we serious about reaching the world?
  • The men realized it was right to share what they had found.
  • It’s right for the church to be committed to sharing what we’ve found to be true in God with a world that is in desperate need.

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