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NYWC Notes

This post is part of a series from notes taken during YS’s NYWC.

Seminar : Staying Connected to God in the Midst of Our Real Lives : Will Penner

Recommended Books:
Foster : Celebration of Discipline
Jones : Soul Shaper
*Linn : Sleeping with Bread

Reflection: Taking time to reflect on highs and lows of life recently. Sharing around the family dinner table, journaling, etc. Two ideas / phraseologies… “Desolation vs Consolation”, “Pow vs Wow”

Appropriating “Down Time”: Making productive use of those dead times. Ex: memory verse flashcards while standing in line, pray in driving time…

The best nugget from this whole seminar:
What we do DOES NOT define who we are.
What we do DOES help shape who we are.

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