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Live Baby Treated as Trash

I realize I just recently posted about abortion issues in the news, but I read another headline yesterday that simply amazed me. I have no intent to make politics or subjects like abortion a regular topic here, but I felt like I ought to share this because it raised some questions and thoughts for me.

A Florida abortion clinic threw away a newborn infant. Just tossed out with the trash. A baby. A live baby!

My unrefined, stream-of-consciousness thoughts and questions: clearly the doctor should lose his medical license, this could raise questions and cast new doubts on the legitimacy of abortions, questions of viability of life at early term births and late term abortions, when does life begin, ethics in medicine, court ruling on the case against the doctor and clinic may establish certain precedence for future rulings on abortion cases, does the mother now regret her decision, how does she feel about aborting a fetus vs killing an unwanted child...

It was just one of those headlines that caught my attention.

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