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Same Story, Next Chapter, New Ministry

Beginning June 1, I will be taking a junior high ministry position at Statesboro First United Methodist church, working specifically with 5th thru 8th grade students. This is a new position for the church, but one that I think it will be a great asset to an already healthy and growing youth ministry.

The past several weeks have be a roller coaster of emotions; sad for relationships that will be changing, excited for the ministry and the new friendships that lie ahead, and, if I’m honest, even a little anxiety that comes with the ‘unknown’ of starting a new job.

I’m excited about the ability to focus on middle school ministry and the needs of this specific age group. I’m also excited about the opportunity to be part of a church staff that I think has the potential to be a super team of people.

All that said, there’s something bittersweet about transition in ministry. It always tugs at you a little bit to leave a church you love and people you care for and have poured your life into. I’m grateful for the memories and friendships that our family has made in Brooklet over the past two years. The people we’ve shared our lives with will continue to be special to us even as we move on. Brooklet UMC will always be the church that surrounded us with love as we welcomed Noah to our family. I’m glad to have been able to serve the families of Brooklet UMC and am hopeful for all God has in store for them in the years to come.

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