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Um... Didn't See That One Coming

Wednesday night, I get home and sit down on the couch to talk to Shannon a little bit.

"How'd your small group go?" she asks me.

"Pretty good," I tell her.

Wednesday nights we meet with youth small groups; me a group of high school guys, her a group of middle school girls.

I go on to tell her we talked about some of the drinking/drug habits of teens at their school and convictions and resisting negative peer pressure and questions about relative truth. "What about you guys?" I ask.

"The fossil remains of unicorns."

Speechless, I sat there a moment, just looking at her. "I wouldn't have guessed that."

Turns out, they'd gotten into a discussion about creation vs evolution and that led to some debate about whether or not God had created dinosaurs. Shannon directed the conversation to the creation story in Genesis about God creating animals (days five and six). This prompted the question, "So, is this when God made the unicorns, too?"

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