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Ten Year High School Reunion

Just got news yesterday about my upcoming ten year high school reunion. It's setup for this summer and sounds like a dinner and a little get together the next day. I'm thinking it'll be fun to see folks I haven't seen in... well, like, ten years. But, then I get to thinking, why would that be fun?

I mean, I haven't seen these people in ten years?

I guess it's that same sort of emotion that leads people to cyber-stalking on MySpace. We're not talking "sociopath cyber-stalking." Just normal curiosity, like whatever it is that makes people watch shows like VH1's "Where Are They Now?"

Really, there are some people I probably don't care about seeing. But, it'll be fun to reconnect with old friends that just lost touch. It's already bringing back a flood of memories that I haven't thought about it years.

Well, if sitcoms are any indicator of reality (and you know they must be... because they're on tv... and if it's on tv, it must be true...), right about now is when I'm suppose to panic about losing ten pounds and start checking into that Rogaine stuff.

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