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Teen Girls and Alcohol

I just saw a brief interview from TODAY about underage drinking and teen girls. They were talking with Kimberly Williams, a psychologist with the NYU child studies center, and Kylee Darcy, creator of this PSA about girls and underage drinking. Take a look at these PSAs from alot2lose.com (and then go see the website). It's an effort to focus on some of the social consequences of alcohol for teenagers. I think it's an important aspect to point out to teens, since that's sometimes more "real" to them than car wrecks and punishment from parents.

A couple of stats from the interview that stood out to me:
- 15% of the alcohol sold in US is consumed by underage drinkers (more that $22 billion per year)
- Girls are 7x likelier to give into peer pressure than boys their age
- 1 in 4 teen girls will participate in binge drinking (5 or more drinks in one sitting)

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