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Misc Thoughts Tonight

Like Jesus said, I want people to see my good works and give glory to God.
More often, I feel like people see my mistakes and blame me.


God told Noah it was going to flood and he should build an ark. Did God wait for Noah to finish the boat before it started raining or did Noah just finish his work in time? What if Noah had taken longer to finish the work? Would God have held the rain back longer or just have flooded him out because he took too long? Did Noah build the ark and collect the animals himself or did he have help? And if he did do it all himself, should he have sought help to accomplish the tasks more quickly?


I sure am glad the Mets missed the playoffs. I think I might dislike the Mets almost as much as I like the Braves. Here's my MLB playoff predictions sure to go wrong: Cubs over Rockies, (having a hard time with AL b/c I could see it going a couple different ways, but I'll say...) Boston over Cleveland, and whoever comes out of AL over Cubs in a fun couple of nights hanging with Luke. (I'll say I'm hoping it's the famed Boston over Chicago matchup.) But, should the Cubbies finally take care of business, I'm claiming float number 3 in the Peg-Wen parade!

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